Youth in crisis: let’s keep the conversation going |

Youth in crisis: let’s keep the conversation going

It’s a weird thing to be “excited” to have had such an incredible turnout on Wednesday for the youth anxiety/depression/suicide prevention conversation that I hosted, but I really was so happy to see how many people showed up for such an important event.

Over 60 attendees were flexible with a last-minute venue change and sitting in a very large circle of chairs, listening one another and to the 20-plux organizational representatives talk about the services they can provide to support youth in crisis in the Roaring Fork Valley. Between a current Aspen High School student who was brave enough to talk about her current experiences, to parents of recent suicide victims, and older participants (my own pre-school teacher from Wildwood over 45 years ago), it was a humbling collection of voices that were there for one reason — to figure out what to do to help our local youth keep from ever feeling so alone and desperate that they choose to die by suicide.

If you could not attend the session, but would like to be a part of any further conversation opportunities anywhere in the Roaring Fork Valley, please fill out an information form using this link so we can keep you informed:

Lastly, I want to offer a very public “thank you” to Ken at the Inn at Aspen who, at the last minute, gave us a perfect space to gather everyone together for this event and to Kara Gilbert, at the Snowmass Chapel, for creating such a powerful flyer to draw us all together. I am deeply thankful for your support and effort!

Georgina Levey


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