You’re welcome to Aspen, now learn the language |

You’re welcome to Aspen, now learn the language

Law-abiding people are welcome in Aspen regardless of their country of origin or their native language. But once they settle here they should adopt English as their “public” language — the language they use to interact with the general public.

The use of a common public language promotes the integration of immigrants into our society. It enables everyone to communicate more effectively. It also helps immigrants advance economically and socially much faster.

I’m troubled by the increasing reluctance on the part of some people staffing local establishments to use English, our official national language, in the workplace. It is, of course, the choice of management to set rules of conduct for each establishment’s employees. But patrons notice when staff defaults to a foreign language instead of using English, our national language.

Aspen is in the United States of America. English should be used.

Maurice Emmer