Your vote helps support youth development |

Your vote helps support youth development

Please vote “Yes” on 1A on Nov. 6 in support of the Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund. Why? In addition to essential services such as affordable mental health care, integrated health care and senior programming, to name a few, the Healthy Community Fund also supports youth development programs valley-wide for kids whose parents live or work in Pitkin County. An example of this is our personal financial literacy workshops for youth. Our country is by and large financially illiterate, yet this is a skill we all need to successfully navigate adulthood and retirement. And before teens graduate, they will be faced with making important financial decisions. This fund is helping to build a more financially literate community. Also, the escalating cost of a college education coupled with a long-standing, and undeserved, lack of respect for and understanding of vocational careers has left many students wondering what is in store for them after high school. Many students lack a vision for their future that they are driven to achieve. The Healthy Community Fund is helping youth discover their passions leading them to fulfilling careers through Youthentity and other organizations. We are just one of 70 organizations that are fortunate enough to have benefited from this fund. Please help us and other organizations fill the gaps for all the citizens of our community.

Kirsten Petre McDaniel

Founder and Executive Director