Your ancestors had a head start

To answer Frieda Wallison’s letter of Sept. 11 (“Which America do you believe in?,” letters, Sept. 11,

Your letter was a perfect example of white privilege. Your European ancestors were all clearly white, and when they arrived already had a foot up with U.S. laws that benefited your families. Unfortunately these laws expressly did not apply to African American families. The color of their skin was what blocked them from the opportunities your ancestors received.

Perhaps you would be wise to read “Caste,” by Isabel Wilkerson. It specifically addresses both the discrimination and aid your ancestors experienced, as well as the discrimination and oppression people of color have experienced for 400 years in this country.

Why is it so hard to strive to care for all citizens in the United States? Is it really so hard to reach out your hand to help someone else? I for one want a country that gives equal opportunity to everyone. I don’t apologize for my skin color, but I do apologize for the hatred that has been wielded on Black Americans and other people of color. I will vote democratic and work toward a better world for all.

I wish you well.

Stephanie Soldner