You Aspen people disgust me

The Aspen Homeless Shelter program needs $70,000.

That should be no problem for a town that has “players” who will spend that amount on shopping over a weekend. Aspen becomes more and more disgusting by the day, and those who support that excessive world are no better than the leeches (large-scale thieves) who use Aspen as their playground. Among others, I am talking to you people selling crappy art, furs, overpriced slaughtered animals and designer beverages. You are a part of the problem, as you have no problem supporting the lifestyles of the disgusting.

For those provincial folk who write about how cool Aspen is (it’s not), save those foolish words and wake up to what you are a part of. Outdoor enthusiasts … no excuse, there are plenty of mountains, ski towns and spots in nature that have not yet been infected.

And for the greedy bastards who have made Aspen (and other places) home, keep up your wining and dining. Looking forward to the day of wrath and the demise of the incestuous, hoarder class (who never seem to learn a lesson).

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs