Yes on 5B will help support Roaring Fork district’s teachers |

Yes on 5B will help support Roaring Fork district’s teachers

As a teacher at Basalt High School, an employee at Colorado Mountain College, and parents of a Roaring Fork High School student, we are supporters of the Roaring Fork School District’s 5B ballot question because we know this is the best way to raise teacher and staff salaries to a living wage. We have lived in the valley four years and have seen too many coworkers and some of our son’s favorite teachers leave our community because of the cost of housing.

As a mentor to first-year teachers, I have seen the excitement of a new teacher turn into anxiety when the reality of finding affordable housing sets in. Many of them take on extra duties or second jobs to make ends meet. I have watched math and science teachers leave for higher pay and a lower cost of living in other districts. This financial stress is not good for the health and well-being of our hard-working teachers and directly impacts the quality education our students deserve.

Every other school district in our region collects more from local mill levy overrides than RFSD, putting us at a competitive disadvantage for recruiting and retaining top talent. We see job announcements advertised a month into the school year looking to fill multiple teaching and staff positions. These vacancies are filled by teachers using their prep periods to fill in where needed and class sizes being increased.

If 5B were to pass, homeowners would pay $3.62 per month per $100,000 of a house’s value as determined by the assessor, not the value you can sell your home for. This is a small price to pay to strengthen our schools in service of our children. Please join us in returning your ballot by Nov. 2 and voting YES on 5B.

Becky and Sean Nesbitt

Glenwood Springs