Yes on 3A big for Basalt’s future |

Yes on 3A big for Basalt’s future

For those voting in Basalt this fall one important choice we will be making is on Issue 3A. A vote of Yes for Issue 3A will fund Basalt Forward 2030 including affordable housing, green initiatives, and Midland Avenue streetscapes and will fund these projects without a tax increase. In 2020, these projects were identified in the latest updates to the Master Plan and earlier this year made the cut to be prioritized after a review process that included inputs from residents, business owners, and the Town of Basalt’s Capital Needs Committee.

The current opportunity to obtain financing at historically low interest rates is immense. And to be able to fund these beneficial Basalt Forward 2030 priorities, without raising taxes, makes the decision to support Issue 3A compelling. The Town will be able to increase the supply of affordable housing with land purchases and partnerships with other private, non-profit, and government entities. The Midland Avenue streetscapes project will improve the conditions on the surface of Midland but also the infrastructure underneath which will support the Town for decades. There will be funding for green projects such as solar power generation and electric vehicle charging which will reduce reliance on fossil fuels and allow Basalt to continue to lead on climate change.

When you cast your ballot on or before Nov. 2, be sure to vote Yes on Issue 3A in Basalt to make an investment in our Town and community.

David Knight