Yes means no to Donegan |

Yes means no to Donegan

I am opposed to the annexation plan for 480 Donegan as it currently stands, and I’m in favor of sensible development that includes, among other things, an increased amount of truly affordable housing.

I’m not alone in this position. Approval of R2’s initial plan was denied by the Glenwood Springs Planning and Zoning Board. Our Garfield County commissioners are not in favor of the plan either. Their July 19, 2021, letter to the Glenwood Springs City Council outlined the reasons for their decision. Some people have asked those of us who are fighting the current plan, “What do you want if the measure is defeated?” One of the best answers I have seen is from Garfield County Commissioner Mike Samson, who said, “I would hope that there could be a coalition of groups, organizations, governments that could come together and work with the Diemoz family to perhaps make that a more beneficial area to the people that already live there. … I would even be in favor as a county commissioner to be part of that, to work with the city, to work with the family, to work with the other groups. … I think that would be a better solution for all of Garfield County.“

Mr. Samson is correct. We need to back up and consider some alternate solutions. Vote yes on B. Vote yes to repeal the annexation of 480 Donegan. Check out, especially the FAQs page, for more information.

Thelma Zabel

Glenwood Springs