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Yang for president

A recent opinion piece in the New York Times, “Out With The Old, In With The Young,” by Astra Taylor, outlines more clearly than any other the political reality of the age and subsequent power gap that is impeding progress at virtually every turn.

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has the most comprehensive plans set forth for addressing each and every one of the issues raised, including lowering the voting age to 16.

But perhaps most importantly, at age 44, he is one of the youngest candidates and raised and educated in one of the most diverse urban areas of the country. Having achieved success in the tech field more dominated by younger founders and perspectives, then founding Venture for America, Barack Obama appointed him presidential ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.

For a representative democracy, those younger perspectives need to count more than they do now. But to make the next leap in our evolution as a species to deal with existential threats such as global warming, our survival may well depend upon them. Since we are not going to change the much older Senate, Electoral College or Supreme Court overnight, the only way to achieve a meaningful balance of power between the old and young is to elect a younger president: Yang!

Ella Kyle (formerly Tricia McKenzie)