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Writer fails COVID-19 math equation

In his letter published in The Aspen Times on Saturday, July 18, Bruno Kirchenwitz stated that the death rate from COVID-19 in the US is .04%. As has been mentioned in the comments, his math is wrong. Well, maybe not his math, but his understanding of percentage.

Using his numbers, divide the dead, 134,884, by the number of cases, 3,296,599, and you get .0409. For those that didn’t have arithmetic in elementary school, this is the equivalent of 4.09%. So if the 10,000 people Bruno cites get infected, then 409 of them would die. That’s an increase of 10,125% from his four people dying scenario. If you want herd immunity, I understand that it requires 70% of the population to be infected. That means that 229,600,000 people would need to be infected, with a potential death toll, at 4%, of 9,184,000. Over 9 million dead.

I’m curious, does this in any way affect Bruno’s position on anything?

Lee Hollowell