Would armed teachers even shoot? | AspenTimes.com

Would armed teachers even shoot?

I ask myself. Would I fire my single shot .22 hand gun over the heads of my students, if I knew the bad guy with a bump-stocked AR15 was ready to unleash 100 rounds in my direction, over the heads of the 30 children that have been crammed into my classroom? That is the same kind of disparity that an army of white supremacists toting bump-stocked AR15s would find going up against the army, navy and air force if they decided to revolt against the government. The reason we can’t outlaw assault rifles is that we need to be able to have a revolution. Yeah, it’s easier to just make sure we can vote them out of office but conservatives are afraid of that, too. Gun control doesn’t seem to work, except in Canada, Japan, England, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Denmark, Germany and …

John Hoffman