Words should matter but they don’t

I respectfully disagree with the thrust of the editorial, “What Aspen councilman said is his right, it’s how and where that matter” (Jan. 10, 2020). While office holders should be accountable for their public utterances, today they are not. We live in a society of reflexive all-inclusive communications. There is no pause button on Twitter or Instagram. Those communications are just spittle, a meaningless stream of conscience. Such are easily overwritten, twisted from the truth or simply disavowed. President Trump is exhibit 1 to infinity. Skippy is merely exhibit infinity+1.

And there is no “how and where.” The circumstances, timing and manner are irrelevant. Once the send button is hit, the message is worldwide and irretrievable.

Simply put, contrary to the editorial, today, words do not matter to many public officials. Rather, the guiding mantra in this environment should be that actions speak louder than words. Unfortunately, applied to our rudderless and inept City Council, all we have are a lot of words and very little action.

Neil B. Siegel