Woody Creek Tavern the last local bastion of local character

Dear new owners of the Woody Creek Tavern,

Congratulations on your purchase of an iconic local asset that has 41 years of history in this valley. You are now the stewards of something that reaches near perfection. Removing one Christmas light, sticker, Polaroid, or statue could topple this glory in a resounding thud, which might severely impact your investment.

Rumors are swirling that a “kitchen remodel” might be associated with the removal of leopard carpet, which ties the door to the curtains, to the lights, to the ceiling, to perfection.

Please don’t kill something perfect. This valley doesn’t have much of its character left. Don’t be responsible for the desecration of an icon, nor an offense to the beautiful folks who work there, have worked there, nor the neighborhood that this colorful watering hole was designed to serve. Yes, the menu has gotten more expensive over the years, but it’s still a bar next to a trailer park, and it always will be.

Would be a shame to be another straw breaking Ute City’s back. Letting the Tavern be will offer the greatest return on your investment.

Thank you for your consideration.

Andrew Scott