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Woody Creek Tavern feeling cold these days

Last night, my wife and I dined at Woody Creek Tavern for the umpteenth time over the past 20 years as second-home owners. The atmosphere has changed; Hunter Thompson would have serious doubts about the ambiance, but the food was fine. Though prices have increased and the menu is totally different, the shock came when I attempted to pay the bill with cash and included a $50 gift certificate. The manager came over and stated they did not honor them as they are new owners. We were amazed as we have never experienced such treatment anywhere.

I am sure the new owners are experienced restaurateurs, and realized that any outgoing enterprise will have outstanding gift certificates and other customer enhancement concerns that come with the business and took that into consideration. Surely, they realized that more than a few of their steady diners purchased these certificates to give to friends and that embarrassing the giver and the recipient would not be in the best interest of the Tavern. I could not detect any concern on the part of the Tavern. … They did apologize lightly, but were not turning loose of the $50. Customers are what make paydays possible, and they are easier to lose than attract.

So, my friends, if you have a Woody Creek Tavern gift certificate put if with your Confederate money, or have fun and try to use the gift.

Peter Davis

Snowmass Village

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