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Woody Creek needs year-round bus service

Woody Creek needs year-round bus service

Well, it’s almost that time again. Time for bus service to Woody Creek to go away, its last day of service being April 15. This means that my fellow bus riders and I up here at the old W/J Ranch get to walk 2 miles to the highway down a narrow, winding road with no shoulders to Highway 82 to catch the nearest bus, which incidentally costs $2 to ride to the Intercept Lot, less than 1 mile away, whereas the Woody Creek bus was free.

We’re working pople up here and our jobs don’t disappear because the tourist season is over. We work year-round. I’ve been told that the ridership doesn’t merit year-round service and my rejoinder is that it’s hard to establish a local ridership without dependable, year-round service. People find other ways to get to work, primarily via the dreaded single-passenger automobile. May I suggest six buses a day over offseason? Three in the morning starting at 7, 8 and 9:20 (in my case) and three in the afternoon at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 from the Intercept Lot. I intend to take a petition around to all the places served b the Woody Creek Bus-W/JRanch-Upper, Middle and Lower, The Woody Creek Mobile Home Park and Phillips Mobile Home Park -Upper and Loewr in an attempt to get a positive response from RFTA.

There are literally hundreds of people on this route who, if the bus service was year-round, would constitute considerable ridership. It would also help keep those nasty cars off of the roads.

Reed Martin

Woody Creek