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Wolves have their place

I’m certain that most of you are aware of the polarization that has occurred over the reintroduction of wolves to Colorado.

But did you know that, however important it may be to our lives, the ranching industry represents a only a fraction of the industries in Colorado? A fraction. And did you know that only a fraction of the sheep and cattle in states with wolves are killed by wolves, usually when the rancher has failed to implement appropriate co-existence techniques to keep wolves away?

Finally, Yellowstone National Park. Did you know that 20 of the park’s famous wolves have been recently shot when they ventured over a boundary unknown to them? Park officials have said the killings mark a significant setback for the viability of the wolves. Although 94 wolves remain inside Yellowstone, where hunting is prohibited, Montana’s increasingly long hunting and trapping seasons guarantee that more will be killed. Wolves don’t understand boundaries. These beautiful animals just want to live their lives with their families and be left alone.

What is happening in Montana (and Wyoming and Idaho) can’t happen here. Hunting, trapping, lethal control. Let wolves live. Ranchers, please implement co-existence techniques. Give wolves a chance, Colorado.

Jacqueline Russell