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Without APCHA, there is no longtime local workforce

What is essential to Aspen? Locals and visitors who are grateful to spend time here know the community vibe is the foundation for enjoying all this place has to offer, because it is a vibe of care and concern for others. I have an amazing neighbor who effortlessly seems to handle entitled people who make senseless demands at the counter. A food and beverage neighbor checks in on how a late-night life could affect the early risers. This one really fun clique goes through the struggles in the collective effort of a truly beautiful garden. The location has continually proven to be a space for all types of locals and visitors.

Aspen is a tough place for developers. Not all developers. How about the new W? It’s not perfect, but the success only happened because the importance of Aspen community values was part of the building process. Fulfilling the wants of a greedy developer would have been to make something much taller. A clever and ultimately devious public relations firm would improperly state how bigger is better.

The Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority produces a large voting block within Aspen’s political realities that is outrageously frustrating to developers’ motivations of greed. APCHA is Aspen’s greatest essential redemption against many things we can negatively bring up around here, because it ensures we have a long-term workforce that is truly rooted in the goodness of our integrated community. If you don’t like that political reality, then you are a developer’s paid or unpaid lackey.

Patrick Oliver


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