Winner takes it all in Afghanistan

Everybody is freaking out about the situation in Afghanistan. What’s more important — the people or equipment? Logistically it would be impossible; the equipment is all over the country, not in one place. It would require a lot of soldiers on the ground and we would be back in the war. When we left Vietnam, they dumped all the equipment in the sea.

They never bring the war equipment home. It stays where it is. Have you seen all the graveyards of military shit, tanks, aircraft, battleships — trillions of effing dollars?

Plus, that equipment was given to the Afghan army by the Republicans. Let the Republicans go back and get all the equipment they gave it to Afghan Army to fight the Taliban.

It’s called the spoils of war; the Afghan army surrendered and lost the war. Taliban gets the equipment; it doesn’t belong to the U.S.

Example: We lost the battle with England in the War of 1812. They got the spoils, even the mineral rights, in the U.S. That’s who does all the mining in this country, England.

Who ever loses the war, loses it all.

Hinton Harrison