Winging it in the White House |

Winging it in the White House

The Trumpublicans credo: We don’t need a platform; we will just vote for Donald Trump. He knows best. He can put children in cages. He can ignore Black Lives Matter. He can be responsible for the largest national debt and deficit in history.

He can issue trade tariffs with China that American consumers pay for, and he can give American farmers socialism in the form of billions of dollars in subsidies to buy their votes because his tariffs have destroyed them.

He can build a wall instead of addressing the disintegration of America’s infrastructure. He can say that there are only 15 coronavirus cases and soon there will be zero. And when the death toll due to corona reaches 170,000 people, he can say, “It is what it is.”

He can say that white supremacists are good people too. He can say without proof that the 2020 election will be invalid even as he tries to discredit mail-in voting because mail-in voters may not vote for him, and work with his minions in Congress and the Postal Service to make it more difficult for non-Trump voters to vote.

He can say that TikTok should be acquired by an American company, not because they may give information to China, but because it was TikTok users who made a fool out of him in Omaha. Even though that is easily done. We need a president who is for Erdogan in Turkey, Orban in Hungary, Duda in Poland, Putin in Russia and Duterte in the Philippines, and against our European allies.

No, we as Trumpublicans don’t need a platform; we need Trump.

Dick Hampleman