Win or lose, Trump is full of it

Trump along with his Trumpublicans will try to restrict and block Biden voters in November, and when that fails, he will lie. He will tell his cult “the election was rigged and I really won.” He will allege that Chi-Na counterfeited millions of mailed in ballots, and the 8 million votes he lost by were all illegal.

If he wins, he will thank Putin and Russia once more for their help and all of their hard work. And he will continue to pardon and commute his criminal buddies who worked with Russia and against the United States in 2016. Trumpublicans will back him 100% because they need a rigged election to keep their power intact.

Trump and his Roland Freisler a.k.a. Barr will continue to sic their jack-booted thugs on democrat-controlled states and cities and try to intimidate anti-Trump voters. This of course violates their First Amendment rights. But Trump and Barr have already violated the First Amendment rights of Americans.

First at Trump’s D.C. photo op in June. Now we see his real tyranny in Portland, Oregon. Where he is using his jack-booted paramilitary thugs, hiding behind masks, to kidnap, intimidate, and physically harm peaceful protestors. In some instants his thugs have grabbed peaceful protestors, hooded them as if they were terrorists, and hauled them away in unmarked vans for interrogation.

Just as Pinochet did in Chile. In the future will we see those that are kidnapped by Trump’s “brown shirts” disappear as they did in Chile?

Trump believes the Constitution does not apply to him and Trumpublicans. We must vote him and them out of office in November and drag Donald out of the White House when he refuses to leave, if not we will witness the death of the land of the free.

Dick Hampleman