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Willits Town Center needs to be finished, not empty

I have been a homeowner in the Willits area going on 18 years. The idea that Basalt Town Council isn’t worried about how long it takes to finish the project at Willits Town Center indicates to me they are not listening to its constituents in the Willits area of town or its business owners. Perhaps they forget that the foundation of the Whole Foods block sat idle for three years when the economy tanked. Perhaps they think they know better and businesses will flock to the commercial areas despite the national trend away from brick and mortar businesses. I disagree with the Town Council, it is part of their job to make sure Willits Town Center continues to move toward completion and is successful. We are not “Anywhere USA” or an “experiment,” we are a vibrant community of families, business owners and town employees that love the quality of life provided by where we live in Basalt. And we ask that Town Council members appreciate that a partially completed town center simply doesn’t work for any of us, whether residents or businesses. We also ask that Willits is viewed as a complete and vibrant neighborhood rather than only that other end of town where you have to go to food shop.

Planning and Zoning gave the revised plan its full approval. After an onsite walk and two town meetings it appears members of Town Council have not educated themselves on what was provided to them for their review. It’s time to create more effective discussions to arrive at timely decisions that work for all our citizens. A request for more residential does not lower quality of life and in fact we will have more great neighbors in Willits able to walk to all the awesome restaurants, shops and entertainment that are currently open for business.

Carol Hawk