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Willits families for Infante

I’ve lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 23 years, 13 of which have been in Basalt. My husband and I are proud Willits residents, where we are raising two children, an adopted a dog and sit on local nonprofit boards. Basalt is a special place in a wonderful, larger community and here are some things we have learned since we have made Basalt our home:

We need progressive thinkers at the helm of Basalt. Somehow, with all of Basalt’s attributes, it seems be regularly treading water. Stuck in its ways, wanting to do the right thing but not able to quite get there. I am always wondering why Basalt can’t seem to make progress in its culture, support of small businesses or crafting of community. I watch as Carbondale, Aspen, Glenwood Springs continually move forward; what is holding back Basalt?

The answer is leadership.

That’s why I’m voting for Bill Infante for Basalt mayor. Families with young children such as ours are still banking on the hope that Basalt to evolve into a place where our kids will be able and want to live, where there will be affordable-housing options and full, rich, cultural roots. We need someone to get it done when it comes to smart growth, affordable housing, community connectivity and reaching out other public servants — near and far — who have ideas and paths for Basalt to emulate. Bill Infante is not afraid to ask other communities to share their best ideas and let us adapt them to ways that work for us.

A teenager once described Basalt to me as, “A gas stop on the way to Aspen.” That’s painful. But the town’s lack of identity is real. We need leadership that is not stuck in the past, we need a mayor that has the energy, competence and vision for what Basalt can be — for us and for our children.

When I cast my ballot this April for Bill Infante, it will be a vote for our environment, our schools, our future and our children as well. Let’s build up Basalt, let’s build our community with Bill Infante.

Amiee Beazley