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Willful ignorance America’s biggest threat

According to recent polling, 59% of Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen by Joe Biden. That is a large percentage of the American population. If someone truly believes this, I can understand their anger and disgust with Democrats and their sympathy with the Jan. 6 insurrectionists. However, it seems they also must choose willful ignorance to believe such a statement. And if they’re willing to believe the big lie, what else are they willing to believe?

Should I feel sorry for someone who believes such a falsehood? Should I just resign myself and say that everyone has a right to their own beliefs? I know it is a waste of time to present facts, to try to change their minds. And at the moment I don’t feel sympathy for them — I feel anger and frustration. I think they are ruining our country. And I can feel anger at the other 41% of Republicans (the ones who know the election was valid) for not speaking up to their peers. The very few that do are demonized.

Growing up I was worried about outside forces threatening America — the USSR, communism, nuclear war. Now I realize our biggest threat is that so many Americans are choosing to be willfully ignorant. Will the United States survive?

Peter Westcott


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