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Why the beefed-up the security?

The town is alive with visitors from all over the country here for National Brotherhood of Skiers. Music floats on the crisp night air from events at The Collective and Basecamp Bar and Grill to up the freshly groomed slopes. The mountain is full of smiling faces and decadeslong ski partners who yearn for this week as soon as it comes to an end each year.

All is well in this little mountain town of ours, and yet I can’t help but notice an uncommon presence: security. Security is typically seen on the warm Thursday nights of summer when concert goers from all over the valley flood Snowmass. X Games, spring break and New Year’s are increasingly outrageous times for this area, and I can’t help but notice that there is no security force employed in Snowmass for these events. Fights, theft, DUIs all surge during these weeks, yet there is no security.

So why, during this week, is security hired every year? I write this with hopes that the presence of security is purely coincidental and that they weren’t hired for this week specifically.

Ross Joyce

Snowmass Village