Why Mullins for Aspen mayor

Ann Mullins’ qualifications cover a wide gamut of experiences.

As a young waitress and cleaning person during her early years in Aspen, she can relate to the struggle to survive while following a dream.

As a landscape architect and urban designer, Ann co-founded and for 20 years directed Civitas, a nationally recognized firm specializing in environmental design.

As a mother of two sons, she has shown her flexibility in successfully combining family and business acumen and can relate to the current predicament of responsible child care.

As a recent ski instructor, she has viewed that industry as an employee and has had close contact with Aspen’s tourists.

As a current councilwoman, she has demonstrated her ability for thoughtful collaboration.

Ann’s intelligence, environmental concerns, business background, familiarity with Aspen’s history and the workings of our city government add up to an admirable choice.

I applaud Torre for his contributions to the Aspen community. He has previously served as an effective council person and has expressed his desire to again assume that role.

The time for Ann Mullins for mayor of Aspen is now.

Jane Click