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Why I’m voting Biden-Harris and Mitsch Bush

Mike Sura made the excellent suggestion that letter writers focus on why you support the candidates you support (“Lay off Trump,” Sept. 14, aspentimes.com).

I can combine Joe Biden/Kamala Harris and Diane Mitsch Bush as the contrasts are basically the same to their opponents. Biden/Harris/Mitsch Bush (BHB) are honest people who will not constantly lie to the public, including about critical pandemic information. BHB are intelligent and articulate people who have some understanding and are willing to address the plight of the working poor in America. BHB want Americans to have health insurance and are not proposing a mythical conservative plan that has yet to appear after 11 years. BHB realize climate change is the central organizing challenge for humanity and requires international cooperation rather than calling it a hoax due to ignorance. BHB see our public land, air and water as a common savings account to be shared by all rather than exploited by campaign donors. BHB have a sense of service and a respect for the institutions and framework of democracy; they support voting rights, civil rights and equality rather than walls, cages and tear gas.

I trust that Americans will see the wisdom in putting qualified administrators and leaders in Washington and see the error in putting reality show celebrities and gun-toting restaurant owners into office. The current situation is serious, government is serious, there are many problems to address and opportunities to pursue that are better served by people who actually know something.

Robert Schultz