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Why I support Ascendigo project

As a 25-year full-time resident of Missouri Heights and the parent of a special-needs child, I support this project. I read the dialogue on NextDoor, contacted Ascendigo directly, visited with other neighbors and planners, and attended the recent site tour.

The camp program offers a crucial immersive learning opportunity for sensitive participants. Being secluded and uninterrupted in an overnight program enables the greatest gains. My daughter isn’t autistic, but she participates in other programs out of state which are life changing.

The main areas of concern are fire, water and traffic, among others.

Fire risk will be diminished by an increase in defensible space, large irrigated areas, backup water storage of 203,000 gallons, and using a pond to be filled from ditch rights.

Evacuation will be facilitated by an improved road on Harmony Lane, and professional, cautious staff who already evacuated smoothly twice from the current CMC Spring Valley location during recent summers. They will head out at the earliest sign of trouble.

The project should be assessed versus the impacts of what could be built, which is 21 residences and two accessory dwelling units. This covers both White Cloud, where building permits were being pulled when Ascendigo purchased the property, and an additional eight potential units on an adjacent parcel.

According to an independent traffic study (that included private Sunset Lane which won’t be used), the traffic impacts would be less than the estimated traffic from the residential build-out. Ascendigo also has agreed to improve Harmony Lane, which is currently a dusty and axle threatening road.

Water use also is based on two existing wells on the property, which would draw less than the projected usage for the 21 plus two residences. Pond and irrigation needs will come from ditch rights.

Ascendigo is a top flight nonprofit with the highest integrity. They have already been working with neighbors to mitigate impacts and address concerns. I know and trust the organization, value their approach and support this project.

Dave Munk

Missouri Heights