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Who is tone deaf to the will of the people?

Maurice Emmer and I go way back. At times we are aligned and supportive (i.e., against fiscal irresponsibility, bloated and inefficient local government) and at others convenient foils (everything else). So it is not a surprise that despite the unified chorus against his outlandish acceptance of gun violence he would single me out for his unique style of twisted hyperbole. It also is not surprising that he would seek to convert an extreme trumped up position on civil liberty into moral rectitude (Maurice, is blowing ones brains out now acceptable and those numbers removed from the toll of gun deaths?).

That he seeks to elevate himself into the second coming of Patrick Henry also is predicable. The Chosen One has already shown the way to this disciple on the application of revisionist history.

What is surprising is that given the undeniable public roar to just do something to rein in gun violence he continues to push back and cast a pall that is totally at odds with the soaring aspirations set forth by the Founding Fathers. Maurice, the issue is not your perception of individual liberty; rather, you simply need to have your hearing checked.

Neil B. Siegel