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Who I’m not voting for

Who I’m not voting for

It’s springtime in Aspen! Snow covers the daffodils and early blossoms, while ski enthusiasts rejoice for the gift of new powder on the slopes. It also is city election time! So our local papers and mailboxes will be filled with letters and comments for and against you name it!

As an old-timer who has served on the City Council and been in the trenches (literally) keeping the town going, I also have kept up with local issues of the day. In my opinion, all of the council candidates — except for one — would do the right thing for Aspen. That exception is Ward Hauenstein. He is bad news! He and his cohort Maurice Emmer are opposed to clean, renewable energy.

Campaign literature against clean hydro was filled with false facts and misinformation. Their brochures used photos of dry stream beds and dead fish taken somewhere outside the Aspen area. As an old-timer who ran the Aspen hydroelectric plant, I can state, as a fact, we did not dry up streams or kill fish. That is the truth. So, Aspen voters, it’s time to vote for integrity.

Jim Markalunas