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Who do they work for?

Plaudits to Meredith Carroll and several recent readers who correctly identified the problems with City Council, the mayor and city management. While many would accuse this triumvirate of incompetence, they are really quite accomplished at spending our money on their pet projects: Castle Creek Bridge, the logo, mobility lab, eliminating parking spaces for a new bike lane. Oh, I almost forgot, defying the community and the courts on the new municipal building. The list of gaffes goes on and on. The audacity these people have in imposing their beliefs on their constituents is mind-blowing. In my experience, the cause of this is insularity. If you only interact with like-minded individuals, you are operating in an echo chamber. City Council, the mayor and city management should put a hold on all projects and go on a listening tour to learn what the people they work for really want.

Jake Brace