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Whether in Morocco or Aspen, Skippy transcends

Another election. Another step for Aspen. Again, a decision for who will best represent the future ideas of the town. With so many distinguished candidates, how do you choose? Simple. Character and integrity. Service over self equals Skippy Mesirow.

I would like to share a brief story: Traveling for mutual a best friend’s wedding, we decided to take a side trip to Morocco. Combine Skippy’s love for the mountains, a Ford Fiesta speeding along serpentine back roads of the Moroccan Atlas — something interesting is bound to happen.

Aside from getting stranded, we found ourselves upon a local soccer game. Large crowds. Rapidly we were noticed. Kids eager to play their own side game, gravitated to Skippy and drew him in. Soon enough we have another side match. Besides an obvious language barrier, there was an ease, a comfort, even intrigue that the kids had with him. High fives, smiles from ear to ear; it was hard to pull Skippy from the group. There was no barrier, no resistance, only gravity.

There is a humanity about Skippy that is evident. Whether it be as simple as a Moroccan soccer game or a contentious discussion about Aspen Planning and Zoning/Lift 1A, there is something motivating about Skippy. He is electric, colorful and overall brings life. Yes, we know that’s his personality — attractive — but this energy is translational. He will without a doubt bring this to the community.

Aspen, it is easy to resort to comfortable choices, but his work thus far has done numbers for the town. At times it appears political for Skippy, not for ideology or personal pursuit, but rather for Aspen and more importantly the people. He has a vision that protects the idea you love so much. Trust — he will be steadfast and represent you. I am confident that he will serve this position with honor, character and integrity. No ideology, just civil servant. True “service over self.” I promise you will not be disappointed.

Stephen Placha

St. Louis