Where’s the Dutton family when you need them?

For all you fans of the popular television series “Yellowstone,” it’s hard not to see how the main story line of the show also reflects what’s actually occurring in the Roaring Fork Valley as I speak: greedy land developers doing their best to destroy one of the most beautiful valleys in our country.

Hey, Kevin Costner, if you are reading this, could you do me a favor and send your good buddy Rip over here and pay a not-too-pleasant visit to developer Evan Schreiber and let him know in no uncertain terms we don’t need or want his Fields project.

Wow, Evan, I see you’re offering a total of seven of the 142 units at a reduced rate to the fire district and Aspen Music School to gain approval from the I’ve-never-seen-a-housing-project-I-won’t-approve Eagle County.

One thousand more vehicle trips per day through a residential neighborhood, over-population and destruction of wildlife habitat hardly sounds like a fair trade-off to me. Maybe Ace Lane could offer the same deal considering he’s in the process of building 340 units just a mile down the road.

Next, Rip, maybe you could also pay a visit to the perpetrators behind and voting for approval of the massive housing projects being proposed in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs. Oh, and just saying, Rep. Lauren Boebert supporter Lorrie Winnerman, yes, there are greedy land develops among us. And though most real estate brokers are honest, hardworking people, there are more than a few greed-heads in that profession. Wow, I feel much better now, but in closing, happy new year everybody out there and stay safe.

Tom O’Keefe