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Where’s the Aspen love?

Recently, I decided to move to Aspen on a more permanent basis, where my mother has owned multiple properties for years.

I joined an Aspen, Colorado Facebook group and announced this fact in the group. I was welcomed by many friendly members; however, there were some who basically said “We don’t want you here.”

Sadly, I am not alone in this experience. I have reviewed others’ posts where they have received similar backlash simply for wanting to share this wonderful place in the world.

These online haters I encountered seem to think that Aspen is “theirs” and are unwilling to share it with anyone.

What is wrong with our society today where we have turned our back on our founding principles and instead replaced them with a selfish, zero-sum-game mentality? Is there so much resentment that we are close to an internal conflict resembling a civil war?

You can hate me all you want, but I promise I am not responsible for your plight. In fact, I am protesting income inequality and corporate greed by giving up my high-paying career to live more austerely, and I am writing inspirational stories (for free on my blog) that I hope will help society. Trust me, I am not the one to blame.

I would love to dialogue with you to discuss potential remedies to the housing crisis facing our collective home. I am sure with all the bright minds in this community, we can find some sort of solution.

Austin Rosenthal


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