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Where to put the serfs?

I have reviewed the city’s development plan for the Lumberyard, and am writing to make the following counter-proposal:

1. Develop the Lumberyard parcel as a government campus. Move all Pitkin County and city of Aspen offices, including the courthouse and jail, to the Lumberyard; and

2. Demolish or renovate all the downtown county and city government buildings and repurpose that prime real estate for local housing.

If we were to build a large campus of local housing downtown, then those residents wouldn’t need cars to get everywhere, and we’d have a town that was vibrant all year round.

By contrast, if we build local housing isolated out at the Lumberyard then that doesn’t really help create vitality for the town and just adds to the traffic problem.

Let’s put the people downtown and the government at the Lumberyard. This is the way.

Millard Zimet