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Where there’s a will, there’s a wall

A fence/wall instills a sense of ownership, which leads to forced responsible governance for the countries on both sides of the border. No wall promotes exporting problems.

When people think they own something, they protect and take care of it. Having America join Israel and the 64 other countries that have border walls is a no-brainer — if you love America. By protecting the U.S.’s southern borders from the waves of illegal immigrants that come from deconstructed countries, the globalist pirates with plans to deconstruct other countries south of the border will have a tougher time doing so. That is reason enough to construct a barrier.

Mainstream media is the voice being used to promote ideas to create a one-world government that first needs to weaken America so it can be divided up among the elite. Mainstream media wants you to believe a fence is a bad idea.

Mark Kwiecienski