Where is the outrage?

Good afternoon Don Rogers: As the new editor of The Aspen Times, you will have to bring back the free press legacy and uncensored voice of the paper, which you acknowledge, if you are to regain the readers’ trust.

You could begin restoring the Times’ independence by publishing my three letters, which have been suppressed, criticizing news censorship by the paper’s owner, Ogden Newspapers.

Sadly, you provided a monologue of evasions and irrelevancies in the Times on Monday instead of a plan for transparency and tolerance of community opinion.

Nowhere did I hear journalistic outrage at the brutal censorship and unethical firing of the last editor. You say the Times is a mess and you will rebuild it. You can start by admitting that Ogden canceled the 141 years of the Times’ free press legacy and voice in order to appease a pissed-off foreign billionaire.

You imply that you are taking a risk as the new editor of a newspaper which recently muzzled and forced out two editors for truth telling. 

If you prove to be a corporate yes person and follow Ogden’s censorship dictates, I see a long and prosperous career. Your sincerity in taking a new editorial direction for the Times will be visible in black and white.

Bernard Grauer