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‘When in Rome (or Aspen)’

Hello, visitors; you know who you are

Your first home’s not here, you’ve come from afar

Welcome to Aspen; we hope you enjoy it

But more and more your values destroy it

An Aspen home doesn’t make an Aspenite

There’s a culture here; ways to live right

Money ain’t everything in this exceptional place

Mountains and minds are Aspen’s cultural base

Live in a castle if that makes you whole

Own the Louvre’s art, if that’s your goal

Fly your own jet if that makes you high

Believe you’re the world’s most important guy

But when you’re in Aspen, you’re not in LA

Or New York or Dallas or Biscayne Bay

In Chicago, fine, honk your horn

In the Hamptons, self-adore the wellborn

However, it’s decency here that has cachet

Arrogance and rudeness aren’t the Aspen way

But if that’s too hard to do … or understand

Then make your visit shorter — much shorter than planned

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek