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When everybody knew their role

A recent letter to the editor proposes that we should change voting in America from “one person, one vote” to more like “one acre, one vote.” Under that theory, Hillary Clinton’s lead of 2 million to 3 million votes should be ignored because most came from big cities. And maybe even worse: The voters were actually Democrats. Democrats “should not speak for the rest of the country.”

Heck, why even have elections? Why don’t we just have Republicans take all the political jobs? Winner take all. Turn the clock back to the 1940s; maybe the 1840s. Women don’t really want to work outside the house, or even vote. Put kids to work as soon as they are strong enough. 80-hour work weeks. Seven days a week. Elementary education for some. Infected food. Blacks back to the plantations. Average life spans for men about 40 years, women about 20 years.

“Make American great, again”.

Patrick Hunter