What Aspen has become

Reading The Aspen Times today (Aug. 11) was disappointing.

1. Drunken woman bites officer trying to help her.

2. Rude threatening, repeat offender assails parking officer for “chalking.”

3. Cyclists refuse to give way to rescue operation.

Then followed by a true classic: WM Burger’s letter to the editor, re: “old timers who had to leave when the bull wheels shut down.“ (Note to WM: We went on vacation because the season exhausted us, we wanted a chance to play without working, too, or we wanted to see our families.)

Three years ago, after 50 years Aspen, I moved to Glenwood. Neither the topography nor the geology, that I loved, had changed. It wasn’t a health issue. The people had changed.

So WM, there’s a lot more I could say, but your letter said it all:

— “Local” (Really, where do you vote?)

— “e-bike” (Oh, please.)

— “The police didn’t announce themselves properly” (Manhattan Lives Matter)

— “Spent large amounts of money patronizing snow cat tours” (Your patronizing is spread much further than the slopes.)

Terry Murray

Glenwood Springs