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What are these COVID-19 rules really about?

A big change happened in Aspen and not many people noticed it. It was not on the front page of any of the papers. No reporters reported on it. Yet, it seems to be heavily influencing our lives.

The Pitkin County Board of Health has been reporting the COVID-19 case count. For the last several weeks it has been reporting a ratio of about 2-1, vaccinated versus unvaccinated, who have contracted COVID-19.

Last week the ratio went to 10-3 vaccinated versus unvaccinated who were reported to have a case.

Does this mean that you now have three times the chance of getting sick versus double the risk if you have been vaccinated compared to not being vaccinated?

Based on this information, why are people still being encouraged to get the jab?

From the beginning of the jabs it was reported that it would not prevent one from getting sick or transmitting the virus.

The one thing that has been consistent is that the Board of Health has not been making any kind of recommendations for what people can do to strengthen their immune systems. When has there been any suggestions to get your Vitamin D levels checked? Or, stop eating sugar and junk food? Exercise? Sleep?

Their main recommendation has been to wear a mask. There are more than 60 peer reviewed studies reporting that masks are ineffective, and in some instances, can be detrimental. Has this really been about the science? Has it really been about health?

Tom Lankering


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