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We’re not gonna take it

Thank you for publishing Carolyn Sackariason’s article, “Rants of the entitled have a special place in a reporter’s inbox.” I was heartened to hear her confirm she works for community members like me. I hope the self-proclaimed local and a-hole feels the sting of being name-checked. He should also feel super lucky he was not doxxed, although I think Carolyn might keep that option open.

Growing up in Aspen, I remember T-shirts and posters that said, “Don’t let the turkeys get you down.” I remember seeing my friend’s dad, longtime Aspenite Steve Marcus, wear one on his tennis court. RIP, Steve. He told me turkeys were the tourists that stole your tracks, littered or fished with a hook and worm. Annoying, more mindless with an absence of malice.

Today’s turkeys are different: The erstwhile majority of curious and friendly tourists have been supplanted by super-charged, positively operatic turkeys ready to turn the most infinitesimal inconvenience into a vocation of umbrage. OK, Karen. Alas, in Aspen those kinds of threats hold little water in our tight-knit community. I’m sure it must be frustrating to have the rug of entitlement pulled out from under one’s well-cobbled feet, but the real locals, from lifties to low-key billionaires, are too busy praying for big dumps to really care.

Lisa Prior