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We’re better than that, Aspen

Has all of Aspen really become so jaded that we now are not impressed by the fact that the Vice President of the United States, be he Democratic or Republican, has just visited this tiny community?

I opened the paper on numerous occasions and read front-page unpleasant reports of people complaining about the cost of the Vice President’s visit and who is to pay for his security and why didn’t he speak to each and every one of the community members and how dare he have a motorcade!

What has happened to everyone?

It is exciting to have a visitor of such stature visit this town, again partisan thinking aside. We all had the ability to go see the vice president arrive at the airport and see him drive through town, just as we all had a chance to see some of the Democratic people of importance enjoy this beautiful place where some of us are lucky enough to live all year.

A question we all need to ask ourselves when he is a guest of this town —— whether or not you believe in his policies — is, why do such rude remarks follow the Vice President?

Are we this rude to skiers and snowboarders and hikers and bikers? A lot of them don’t pay much to be here; in fact, some camp out and just use our trails and leave. I was appalled by what I read in the paper rather than reading “Vice President visits Aspen” and a report, even brief, about his somewhat secret and short visit.

As a town, need we be rude to any visitor — especially to the Vice President of the United States?

Linda Waag

Woody Creek