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Well done, Sen. Gardner and Rep. Tipton

In looking over the provisions in the huge coronavirus bill in Congress, it occurs to me that Aspen and Pitkin County are going to make out quite well. I commend and thank our two area Republican congressmen, Sen. Corey Gardner and Rep. Scott Tipton, for their efforts and contributions to its success.

Impacting Aspen and Pitkin County environs there are provisions in the bill helping airlines, corporations, banks, small businesses, hotels, tourist businesses, nonprofits, independent contractors, SBA loans, special SBA Loans for sole proprietors, increasing and forgiving unemployment benefits for workers, new unemployment insurance provisions, easing credit squeezes and, thank goodness, providing major direct relief to hospitals and doctors.

Sure looks to me that Aspen is going to make out all right. The only thing missing was a study of what to do about those annoying S curves.

Tom Korologos