Weather forecast: raining men |

Weather forecast: raining men

It is time to take a stand and demand this valley host a massive men’s march! I am looking for women who will take a stand and demand that Aspen host a massive, million-man march! I envision men of every creed, color, political view and bank account descending on this small town! (Preferably July or August).

Hot men pouring in on their Harleys, golfers with their farmers tanned arms lining every street, Lance and all of his biking friends marching through town in their white spandex biking shorts, dirt bikers skidding around every corner, hikers and runners, bankers and business men standing shoulder to shoulder as far as the eyes can see!

Of course, we would need our sexy men in blue and the Pitkin County Sheriff’s department out in full force (in their summer shorts and tanned legs) in case any of the ladies get overheated!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to help organize!

Kristi Gilliam

Aspen and Houston