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Wear the mask … and thanks for coming

We here in the Roaring Fork Valley value the diversity and appreciate the kind nature of our visiting guests. It is and always has been the fabric that keeps any resort like Aspen-Snowmass thriving and prosperous. Your cooperation in these unprecedented pandemic times is essential in allowing us the ability to provide the exemplary customer service one expects from a world-class resort.

However, when a guest or local comes into our resorts and ignores/flaunts the rejection of the public health mandate; when you have been asked politely to abide by the rules that allow us to stay open and serve your every vacation whim; when you threaten my health and my ability to conduct business and my livelihood — you are no longer a welcome guest, you’re a direct threat to my well being.

I don’t care about your politics, religion or feigned medical condition. If stupidity were contagious, you should have worn a mask a long time ago.

If you have a medical condition (the go-to excuse) that is jeopardizing your health and ability to breathe, you probably shouldn’t be at altitude. If you believe aliens are conspiring to force you to breathe through a piece of mildly uncomfortable filtration cloth filled with mind altering drugs, you missed the ’70s. The mere fact that you want to debate this in a crowded public forum to draw attention to yourself is all the proof I need to draw my conclusions.

If your medical excuse/debate is legit, I apologize for the rant.

Wear the damn mask or be the reason we shut down and thanks for coming.

Jack Rafferty

Roaring Fork Valley resident/business owner

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