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We must dump Trump

The behavior of this president has been an affront to the standing and value of society, rule of law, justice and integrity. In his self-aggrandizing, corrupt dealing, his betrayal and extortion of an ally, and his loathsome narcissistic self-dealing, he has more than earned a full audit and impeachment.

The brazenly mafia-like behavior of the Trump administration must face the consequences of a just society. As an American, I will not allow for anything less. I want him removed from office. I want any representatives in the House or Senate who don’t actively pursue holding Trump accountable for his misdeeds, high crimes and misdemeanors to have to face the American people and explain why they view the president as someone who gets to be above the law.

I am a proud American, but less proud every day this man is in office. I’m also increasingly infuriated by Rep. Scott Tipton and Sen. Cory Gardner’s inability to put country before party.

Dale Braisted