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We don’t need a bike trail

I have been a resident and primary homeowner in the Crystal River Valley and Redstone Boulevard for 30-plus years. I have hiked, biked, skied and raised my family here with utter and complete joy. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Hence, I feel like I kind of and more or less know the place pretty well. Drum roll, please … for anyone who even slightly thinks a “bike trail” soft surface or of any surface must be shoved into this very, very narrow, very pristine place is just plain not truly insightful and basically bluntly wrong. I have been outspoken about this for decades. There is zero possibility the wildlife and the environment won’t be significantly affected. The massive wall built across from Penny Hot Springs emits a deep loud noise every time a car drives by. The elk herd is basically nonexistent now because of this constant noise.

For once and for all, get this one right, White River Forest, Colorado Department of Transportation, open space and trails. Or is that not the legacy you’re striving for?

Nancy Chromy