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We can’t be complacent

The good news is our potential to get better is huge, as Rosie the Riveter said, “We can do it.” It’s a choice that people, condo boards, nonprofits, corporations, towns, states and countries are already making. Corporate sustainability goals keep on getting stronger and their timelines to reach these goals keep on getting shorter.

Environmental awareness and ethos are on the upswing. Parents want to leave their kids a better environment. Yet, one-sided analyses of climate change costs are nothing less than insane. To rationalize doing nothing, also known as quitting or giving up, is stupid when costs to society from increasing droughts, floods, storms, water wells running dry and crop failures keep on going up. Wild price swings of the basics for human life are not good for emotional health. There is an emotional cost of doing nothing and the longer it takes to reach a clean and sustainable lifestyle the more it is going to cost our descendants to mitigate and adapt to human-caused global warming.

Tom Mooney