We can stop 5G

Please educate yourself.

If you do not read this editorial, please go to the following websites and read the information related to issues concerning 5G rollout.,review-5063.html

The story “City of Aspen moves forward to provide 5G cell service” ran on page A8 of the Aug. 6, 2019 Aspen Times. Why not page 1?

The article states a recent ruling issued by the FCC significantly reduces local control of small cell wireless infrastructure, including regulations on the basis of health concerns and radio frequency emissions.

Trish Aragon states in the article, “We want the public to understand we are limited in what we can do. … We don’t have the power to stop them.”

That statement is so disconcerting. When has the public ever accepted that statement — “We don’t have the power to stop ‘them.’”

Many cities across the United states and Europe are working to stop “them.”

There needs to be immediate support for House Resolution 530 and Senate Bill 2012 to block FCC order on small cells.

Unfortunately, the rollout of 5G goes well beyond local governments having any control over infrastructure and aesthetics. It is about economic dominance, all the while ignoring health, environment, cyber security, privacy, energy, brains and humanity, e-waste, conflict minerals, and ethics.

But hey, 6G is right around the corner and so what if all the bees are dead, and we have a few brain tumors? At least the cell towers will be aesthetically pleasing.

Jensue Hawks