We can save the planet together

Greetings from an Aspen native! I am writing in regards to the article about the climate change issue (“Some Aspen parents are hot about schools’ climate change talk,” Oct. 10, I understand some parents were upset about the climate change issue and some children may have been harassed, which is never OK.

As a graduate of the public schools, I grew up learning about climate change, environmental policies, participating in Kathy Crum and Linda McCarthy’s plays about reducing, reusing and recycling, and as a student of Willard Clapper’s first two-year class. We were all heavy on learning about the environment and how to help it.

As an aunt to four precious kids, I am concerned what the future will hold for them and my child if I have one in the future. A lot of things are made from fossil fuels these days including solar panels, which I sell for a living. However, I have done my research and the long-term benefits of using solar and iPads is way more beneficial to the environment. Building solar panels is a one time thing and can last as long as 40 years.

Also, it takes an incredible amount of fossil fuels and trees to make the thousands of books to supply for schools, thus contributing to even more climate change. An article by Ben Lovejoy on Jan. 10, 2017 says “Greenpeace has described Apple as the most environmentally friendly tech company in the world for the third year running, thanks to its high use of renewable energy and the leadership role it takes in encouraging its supply chain to follow its own example.”

I’m not saying these parents did not do their research; I am just avid in informing more people of the detrimental effects of climate change and what exactly people and companies are doing to help end it and ways we can contribute in our own homes. I also believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that people need to get as much information as they can before sharing them. I urge everyone to keep up their research and knowledge. Let’s save the planet together and try to use understanding and compassion instead of anger and hate.

Mimi Liebmann